Killing the ‘R’

Why would someone do this?

Why would a writer spend nearly a decade building a fan base, publish nearly 20 novels under a name, and then decide to change course out of nowhere? I’m not sure I can answer that, but it still feels oh-so-right to me.

I’ve been publishing books under the name A.R. Wise ever since I released Deadlocked 1 back on November 9th, 2011 (Almost 8 years ago!) Since then I’ve released a total of 8 Deadlocked books, the 314 trilogy, 3 Lincoln Pierce mystery novels, a couple Among the Masses books, the Dave apocalypse books, Survive, Daughter of Bathory, as well as a bunch of other stuff. What sense does it make to change from A.R. Wise to just simply A. Wise?

First off, I feel like I’ve spent the last 8 years learning a lot. I’ve learned about the ups and downs of the industry. I’ve learned what it feels like to have a book go viral, and also what it feels like to have a book hit the market with a thunderous thud. I’ve learned how a writer’s life can be filled with unexpected ups and downs, and that it can be just as treacherous as it is rewarding. And I’ve learned a lot about the writing process – building arcs, establishing characters, and just plain writing better stories. All in all, I’ve gained some wisdom in these past 8 years.

Second, and this is more of a personal issue, dropping the ‘R’ represents letting go of something that’s plagued me my whole life. It’s saying goodbye to something I’ll always recognize as a part of me, but something I no longer need nor want to be part of what defines me. Sorry for being vague, but that’s the way it is.

Third, I was born with a pun as a name. I’ve heard it a million times from a million people. The whole joke about, “Are you really wise?” Sounds stupid to let a pun become an important part of my identity, but let’s be honest, there are countless authors out there looking to make a name for themselves. Every little trick we can use to make readers remember us is something we shouldn’t overlook. So why not start using the fact that my name is ‘A.Wise’? And it felt so natural to call this site ‘A Wise Author.’ Frankly, it’ll be memorable to people when I release ‘A Wise Podcast’. As silly as that sounds, in marketing that sort of shit matters!

Over the course of 2020 I plan on finishing up some of the series that I’ve left hanging out there, and then starting to jump into some new and meaningful books that I’ve been eager to write.

And this fresh new start is happening for another reason as well. I want the chance to bring along the fans who have been there with me all along, and reward them with better access to me than ever before. I want to treat this as a complete restart of my writing career, and go back to frequent contests and giveaways like I did back 7 or 8 years ago when I was just getting things started.

17 thoughts on “Killing the ‘R’”

  • Wow I have been a fan for some time. Deadlocked is my favorite by far.

    Looking forward to new and exciting things from your writing.

  • If it’s something that makes you happy and it means we can still read your books then I’m all for the change, sometimes change can better than a rest.

    I have loved all your books there’s not one I wasn’t happy about reading, I read Deadlock and I was hooked, couldn’t get enough, I am literally biting my nails waiting for your book to get onto whatever platform I can to read them.

    I’m happy for you

  • It all sounds very exciting and at certain times in our lives it’s good to change. Change is a very scary thing but good for you. Count me in and I can’t wait to see what happens next 😀

  • Can you tell us about the kind of books you’ll be writing once you’ve given us our eagerly awaited finales to Dave, Survive and Among the Masses? Just to whet our appetite… 😛

  • Sounds like its really something you have to do for yourself and that’s fine with me. We all need to make changesnthat feel right to us. I love all the books you have written and will continue to love them under your new name. Keep the great stories coming.

  • Love ya Mr. Wise!!!
    And looking forward to more from The Wise Universe!!!
    I have all your books and some some signed paperbacks!!
    Sincerely Yours

  • Love you no matter what your name is. But I get the A Wise author reference. I’m looking forward to what you have going forward. Sometimes you need change in your life to make your life a better place to live. So thank you Sir Wise for always being there.

  • Good to know your on your way back with plans for 2020 , this constant reader will be ready and waiting
    Everyone has their own shit going on in the background in their lives and we all do what we have to do to make ourselves feel better , if iit took another 8 year to read your work I would still be here waiting. Your one awesome writer
    Good luck to you and your family

  • Great idea to ‘use’ your name, not just ‘have’ it.
    I’ll follow you wherever you go, cause mainly Daughter, Deadlocked and 314 helped me through some really rough times when I needed an escape.
    So, thank you for the heads up, you are one in a million and truly cherished.

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