Hi, I’m A. Wise

I started a career as a writer back on November 9th, 2011, when I self-published a novella by the name of Deadlocked, and struck gold. Little did I know at the time that my little story about a father surviving the zombie apocalypse would catapult me into a very, very unexpected career as an author – a career I’d spent my whole life dreaming of.

At the time I went by the name A.R. Wise, and under that name I published several books including the 314 trilogy, the Lincoln Pierce mysteries, Among the Masses, the Dave series, Daughter of Bathory, among others. And then as I neared the eighth anniversary of publishing Deadlocked I decided to do something really dumb. I decided to abandon all the work I’d done to create the A.R. Wise name, and I started to go by just A. Wise. This was a restart for my career. It was a rebirth of sorts, as explained in the first episode of the A Wise Podcast.

I’m not abandoning what I accomplished as A.R. Wise, but I am acknowledging a change – a much needed change. A fresh start, and a chance to refocus on my writing with a zeal and energy that’s similar to how it started.

Come with me as I try not to screw things up too much. We’ve got stories to traipse through together, so let’s stop wasting time and get to work.