Let’s Write a Book Together


The world’s in chaos.

That’s not the start of a new story, it’s the truth. I’ve spent a lot of time writing about the end of the world, both what leads up to it and what happens after, but I never thought I’d be living through what actually feels like one of my books.

There’s no doubt about it, most of us are freaked out right now. Coronavirus (Covid-19) has swept the globe, and not in the fun way The Beatles did in the 60’s. As of writing this, my family’s in a self-imposed quarantine staring down the barrel of a minimum of 8 WEEKS before we’re supposed to go out and commiserate with other people. 8 WEEKS! That’s a hell of a long time.

A hell of a long time that could be spent writing a book.

My meandering preamble has led us to this. How about we write a book together? Yep. Me, you, and everyone else who wants to give this stupid idea a try. And I’m serious. I want everyone to pitch in on this, almost as if it’s a live, ongoing version of a Choose Your Own Adventure book.

There’s a good chance you’re in the same boat as me, sitting at home wondering what you’re going to do to entertain yourself for however long we’re stuck in our homes waiting for this pandemic to end. Let me help you waste a few hours a week!

Here’s the plan (and this plan is literally spilling out as I type it, so it’s not guaranteed to be the best plan, but fuck it. Who cares?) Every day I’ll spend a good amount of time writing with the intention of getting a 7-10K segment done to be published each and every Sunday. That 7-10K segment will be made available (and here’s the coolest part) FOR FREE to members of the A. Wise Facebook Group. Yep. FOR FREE. No charge. No strings attached. After all, you’re helping me write this book. Why would I charge a collaborator?!

Along the way I’ll be posting polls about character decisions, plot details, who should live and who should die, etc, that you get to participate in. And as we go we’ll be crafting the story together.

As you probably know, a while back I changed from being called A.R. Wise to just A. Wise, and in the transition there were thousands of fans who got left in the dark. The only people who made it over to A. Wise were the people who were paying attention! That works to our advantage. It allows us to do something like this. Something completely, totally, wildly different and unique. Then, when we’re done, I’ll include every single collaborator’s name at the end of the book in the ‘Thank You’s’.

Will the book be any good?

Heck, I dunno. It’s up to us to figure that out together! So if you haven’t joined the FB group yet, get over there and join NOW so that you can take part in this fun experiment. Click HERE to get to the group.

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