Let’s Write a Book Together Part 2


Go back and read the first post HERE if you don’t know what’s going on.

How the hell are we going to write a book together if we don’t even know what it’s about yet?! We’re going to have to make some quick decisions. Since part of the fun with this is that we don’t know how it’s going to end, we can’t very well set up a concrete theme or character arc. That’d defeat the purpose. So we’re going to have to be a bit vague to start.

Tomorrow I’ll put up a post about characters, and we can pick from the list which one we want to be the main character, and perhaps which one we want to excise completely. But for now, let’s pick a general story. Here are some choices (these are just working titles):

Along Down the Mountain
Genre: Mystery/Horror
Set-up: A decade ago a man disappeared in the mountains on a trip with friends. He was presumed dead. One day he’s seen walking through the small town where he grew up. People try to speak to him, but he refuses to say anything. It’s not that he’s mute, though they think he might be at first, he just won’t respond. He wanders the town, watching people, and soon the people he’s been watching start to experience inexplicable events that grow more and more horrific.

The Fixer-Upper
Genre: Mystery/Horror
Set-up: A new home owner is happy about the deal he got on his foreclosed property, despite the damage the previous resident caused. It’s a fixer-upper, but he’s confident that with the help of his friends he can get it in good enough condition to flip. However, while fixing the house, they discover a room hidden in the walls. It’s small, just large enough for a bed and dresser. A diary is on the bed, containing writing that can’t be deciphered. He decides to turn the room into a large closet, and sends the diary off to his sister who is a linguist. Sadly, his sister is killed in an awful, gruesome accident. After the funeral, the diary shows up in the closet of the fixer-upper, as if it’d been brought there to lay where the bed had been.

Genre: Horror
Set-up: A young man suffers endless abuse from his peers, but his enemies begin to meet untimely ends. He’s come in contact with an evil creature that does his bidding. He begins to transform from a meek nerd into the same sort of person he used to despise – someone with strength and power. After all, as he likes to say, he has a Weapon In My Possession.

Pilot Program
Genre: Horror
Set-Up: The Main Character feels lost in their life. Nothing seems to be going their way. Whether in life or in love, the main character always seems to make the wrong decision. Then, one day, the MC hears a voice in their head that gives them advice. Upon following the advice, the MC discovers things turned out best after following the instructions of the voice in their head. However, as more instructions come, they begin to get more detailed, and violent. Is it okay to kill someone because a voice in your head, a voice that happens to be right most of the time, tells you to?

There you have it. Four stories to pick from. Which basic set-up for a story do you like the best? Which one would you like to take part in putting together over the next couple months? Vote on the A. Wise Author fan page on Facebook. Click HERE to go there now.